Load Banking

Whether your generator utilizes natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel as a fuel source, load banking is an integral part of a successful Preventive Maintenance program. Much like a stress test prior to surgery, load banking allows for a controlled environment to test the maximum capabilities of the generator system. 

PM Technologies has the capability to provide on-site load banking on generator systems from a few kW to 3 MW.

For critical healthcare facilities, load banking is not just a great preventive maintenance practice; it is part of NFPA 110 and JCAHO accreditation requirements.  Call today to schedule a consultation and establish your facilities needs.

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Benefits of Load Banking:

  • Prove generator and engine capability and integrity

  • Increase engine performance

  • Reduce wet stacking in diesel engines 

  • Proactive repair recommendations – Find out about problems now, not when the power is out!

  • Increase equipment life and reliability